A8 - Deciduous Tree Mix - 1oz

A8 - Deciduous Tree Mix - 1oz
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A8 Indications: Allergies to deciduous trees such as Alder (red, tag, white), birch (red, black, white), elm (American, Chinese), cottonwood (East, West, Black), hickory (pignut, white, shagbark, shellbark), maple (red, sugar, silver), mulberry (white, red, paper), etc...

A8 Ingredients:
Alder: Red, Tag, White 6/12/30x Birch: Red, Black, White 6/12/30x Elm: American, Chinese 6/12/30x Cottonwood: East, West, Black 6/12/30x Hickory: Pignut, Shagbark, Shellbark, White 6/12/30x Maple: Red, Sugar, Silver 6/12/30x Mulberry: White, Red, Paper 6/12/30x. 1 fl. oz.

A8 Other Ingredients:
20% alcohol in distilled water

A8 Suggested Use:
Two to three drops in water three times daily for the first 2-3 weeks. Add one drop per dose per week until a total of ten drops is reached.

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