COQsol 200 MG Plus E, A & Rice Bran Oil - 30 Softgels #474

COQsol 200 MG Plus E, A & Rice Bran Oil - 30 Softgels #474
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Progressive Labs CO Qsol 200 MG Plus E, A & Rice Bran Oil - Fully solubilized 200 mg co-enzyme Q10 softgel with natural vitamin E, Betatene natural mixed carotenoids and rice bran oil. Co-Enzyme Q10 is an important vitamin-like nutrient that functions much like vitamin E in that it participates in antioxidant and free-radical reactions. However, CoQ10 has a special biochemical role of major importance: it plays a critical role in the production of ATP, the basic energy molecule of all cells. In animal studies, CoQ10 supplementation has increased mean lifespan by as much as 50%. In addition, the longer living animals also remained more active and younger looking with bright eyes, glossy coats and healthy skin.

Suggested Use: One softgel once or twice daily.

For ingredients, dosage and supplemental facts please refer to bottle label.

** Please read all label information on delivery.

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