R47 Reckeweg PMS formula - 50ml

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Active ingredients:
Asafoetida (Asafetida) 12X, Coffea cruda (Coffee) 30X, Glonoinum (Nitroglycerin) 12X, Ignatia amara (Ignatius bean) 30X, Lachesis mutus (Bushmaster) 30X, Moschus (Musk) 12X, Pulsatilla (Wind flower) 30X.

Inactive ingredients:
36 vol.-% alcohol, distilled water.

Suggested Use:
In general, 10-15 drops in some water 4 to 6 times daily before meals. During an acute attack, use the same dose every 15 minutes.

** Please read all label information on delivery.

**The statements on this product are supported by traditional homeopathic principles. These "statements" have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. "X" is a homeopathic dilution.

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