R20 Reckeweg Glandular Dysfunction - Women - 50ml

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R20 Dr Reckeweg Glandular Dysfunction - Women

To support, stimulate, and regulate glandular secretions. Endocrine dysfunction; growth disturbances; obesity or weight reduction due to pituitary dysfunction; hyperthyroidism, goitre, Graves' disease; hypo-thyroidism (myxedema); Addison's disease.

Active ingredients:
Glandulae suprarenales X12, Glandulae thymi X12, Ovaria X12, Pancreas X12, Pituitarum posterium (Hypophysis) X12, Ethanol, Aqua purificata.

Inactive ingredients:
36-37 vol.-% alcohol, distilled water.

Suggested Use:
Generally 10-15 drops in some water 3 times daily before meals. Reduce dosage gradually after improvement, but continue treatment for several months.

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