D109 - Dentol AB - 1oz

D109 - Dentol AB - 1oz
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D109 Indications: Abscess at root of teeth, boils on gums, ulceration of mouth, inflammation.

D109 Ingredients:
Belladonna 6x, 30x, Myristica sebifera 4x, 30x, Silicea 8x, 12x, Calcarea fluorica 8x, 12x, Borax 4x, 12x, Aurum metallicum 8x, 30x, Baptisia tinctoria 4x, 12x, Mercurius cyanatus 8x, 12x, Mercurius dulcis 8x, 12x, Cornus circinata 9x, 1 fl. oz.

D109 Other Ingredients:
20% alcohol in distilled water

D109 Suggested Use:
10-15 drops under the tongue 3 times a day.

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