D12 - Arteriol - 1oz

D12 - Arteriol - 1oz
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D12 Indications: General arteriosclerosis and hypertonia. Cerebral arteriosclerosis, aortic and coronary sclerosis, nephrosclerosis, dybasia, abdominal dyspragia, senility, weak memory, congestion of blood, vertigo, forgetfulness, tendency toward apoplexy, predisposition to goitre, thyreotoxicosis. Extended iodine therapy by using different iodized salts in combination with active biological elements.

D12 Ingredients:
Kalium iodatum 3x Calcarea iodatum 3x Arsenicum iodatum 6x Baryta muriatica 6x Glonoinum 6x Conium maculatum 5x Arnica montana 3x Phosphorus 5x Aurum muriaticum 6x, 1 fl. oz.

D12 Other Ingredients:
20% alcohol in distilled water

D12 Suggested Use:
10-15 drops under the tongue 3 times a day.

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