Revitalized Water™ - 16.9oz

Revitalized Water™ - 16.9oz
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Energique - Revitalized Water™ - 16.9oz

Revitalized Structured Water™ is a hydrating water treatment concentrate. It begins with high mountain pure spring water that is processed in a vortex with natural energies in the form of vibrational resonances. These powerful resonant vortex patterns restructure as well as energize the water. The highly energized water molecules of the concentrate now resonate at higher frequencies and can influence the physical and energetic properties of other water into which it is added. The structured water concentrate differs from ready-to-drink structured water by the intensity of the frequencies acquired. The strength of frequency allows one 16.9-ounce bottle of concentrate to effectively restructure 16 gallons of drinking water.

Pure Water Concentrate

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