Cinnamic Acid Phenolic - 1oz

Cinnamic Acid Phenolic - 1oz
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Energique - Cinnamic Acid Phenolic - 1oz

Cinnamic Acid is also involved in congestion but is more involved in dermatological problems and has been valuable in bladder related problems especially so in children with enuresis. It has been used sometimes in cases of asthma when used in tandem with Coumarin or Malvin. Cinnamic Acid is significant in most fruits and most sweet spices. It’s found in small amounts of many tree pollens but particularly abundant in pines and firs. Additionally, it is found in many grasses.

Cinnamic Acid 6x, 12x, 30x, 12c, 30c, Distilled Water, 20% Ethanol

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