Candida Albicans Phenolic - 1oz

Candida Albicans Phenolic - 1oz
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Energique - Candida Albicans Phenolic - 1oz

Candida Albicans is a dimorphic yeast fungus existing in the gut of many forms of animal life. It can be found existing with slightly less vigor in the environment. In the human situation, it is probably the most insidious opportunistic pathogen. It can have the capability of causing so much disruption in normal immune response as to make its presence “invisible” to the INTERRO. The inclination to use Candida would be justified by history. Candida was included in the phenolics list because of its ability to circumvent natural barriers for the absorption and detoxification of phenolics, resulting in a flood of symptoms. Many distinct symptoms show up with Candida but in no specific pattern that applies to all. In the past, the inclination has been to treat Candida without phenolics until it is fairly stabilized. After Candida treatment is firmly established, it’s easy to go back and add whatever phenolics are necessary. Sometimes no other condition existed that was of any significance. More often the patient will have had one or two predominant conditions that predisposed them to Candida. Many hormones and neurotransmitters owe their provocative status to the immune disruption that occurred with yeast and subsequently disappear when yeast is under control. Additionally, diet and nutrition plays a big role in the food and yeast allergic patient. Some research would indicate that these people don’t have under nutrition because of yeast and food allergies, but the reverse; they have yeast and food allergies because of their poor dietary habits. Candida control diets would have a double effect in these cases. First, to alleviate the symptoms associated with yeast, second, to give an opportunity to become nutritionally balanced. The danger lies in people who lack the motivation or creativity to eat enough while on such a diet. The drops provide flexibility in diet.

Candida Albicans 6x, 12x, 30x, 12c, 30c, Distilled Water, 20% Ethanol

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