G30 - Ribes Nigrum - 2oz

G30 - Ribes Nigrum - 2oz
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G30 Indications: General allergic conditions; hypotension; Horton’s arthritis; infectious mononucleosis; eczema; psoriasis; acne; adrenal glands; asthenia; chronic bronchitis; sinusitis; childhood rinopharyngitis; osteoporosis; Dupuytren’s disease; arthritis of the small articulations; asthma; emphysema; generalized arthritis; osteoarthritis of the knee; fracture consolidation.

G30 Ingredients:
Black Currant, 2 fl. oz.

G30 Other Ingredients:
36.6% alcohol, Glycerine Macerate

G30 Suggested Use:
One full dropper 2 times daily.

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