A24 - Pollen Mix No. 1 - 1oz

A24 - Pollen Mix No. 1 - 1oz
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A24 Indications: A multi-potency, multi-ingredient homeopathic antigen for relief from allergic symptoms related to Pollen- such as Red top, meadow fescue, Kentucky blue, orchard, Timothy sweet vernal, perennial rye, alfalfa, red clover, goldenrod, false ragweed, ragweed (Western giant, short), cocklebur, lambsquarter, Bermuda, rouch pigweed, etc.**Indications: Allergies to pollen.

A24 Ingredients:
Grass combination of: Red Top 6/12/30x Meadow Fescue 6/12/30x Kentucky Blue 6/12/30x Orchard 6/12/30x Timothy 6/12/30x Perennial Rye 6/12/30x Sweet Vernal 6/12/30x Alfalfa 6/12/30x Red Clover 6/12/30x Goldenrod 6/12/30x False Ragweed 6/12/30x Western Ragweed 6/12/30x Giant Ragweed 6/12/30x Short Ragweed 6/12/30x Cocklebur 6/12/30x Lambsquarter 6/12/30x Rough Pigweed 6/12/30x Bermuda 6/12/30x 1 fl oz.

A24 Other Ingredients:
20% alcohol in distilled water

A24 Suggested Use:
Two to three drops in water three times daily for the first 2-3 weeks. Add one drop per dose per week until a total of ten drops is reached.

** Please read all label information on delivery.

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