R4 Reckeweg Diarrhea formula - 50ml

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R4 Dr Reckeweg Diarrhea formula

Active ingredients:
Baptisia tinctoria (Wild indigo) 4X, Chamomilla (German Chamomile) 4X, Chininum arsenicosum (Quinine arsenite) 6X, Colocynthis (Colocynth) 6X, Ferrum phosphoricum (Ferrosoferric phosphate) 8X, Mercurius corrosivus (Mercuric chloride) 6X, Oleander (Rose laurel) 6X, Phosphoricum acidum (Phosphoric acid) 3X, Rhus toxicodendron (Poison oak) 4X, Veratrum album (White hellebore) 6X.

Inactive ingredients:
37 vol.-% alcohol, distilled water.

Suggested Use:
In non-complicated diarrhea (without fever), according to the severity of symptoms, 10-15 drops in some water every 1 to 3 hours. For chronic diarrhea, 10-15 drops three 3 daily before meals.

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