Liddell - Herpes Simplex #554069

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Liddell Laboratories - Homeopathic Remedy for Herpes Simplex - 1oz

Outbreaks occur most often when we are under stress – and just having them causes us to worry about future outbreaks. Whether your symptoms are on your face, mouth or genitals, this remarkable oral spray can really help. Two sprays three times a day is all that is needed to provide safe and effective relief. Herpes Simplex is 100% pure and natural! This breakthrough medical treatment contains nine synergistic ingredients that have been successfully tested on patients in accordance with scientific homeopathic methodology. Help make your life more comfortable!

Relieve symptoms associated with herpes simplex, such as:

  • - Oral eruptions
  • - Genital eruptions
  • - Swelling
  • - Pain and itching discomfort

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