R76 Reckeweg Asthma formula - 50ml

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Active ingredients:
Aconitum napellus (Aconite) 3X, Ammi visnaga (Khella) 2X, Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley) 3X, Drosera rotundifolia (Sundew) 1X, Kali iodatum (Potassium iodide) 3X, Lobelia inflata (Indian tobacco) 3X, Mentholum (Menthol) 2X, Stramonium (Thorn apple) 6X.

Inactive ingredients:
51 vol.-% alcohol, distilled water.

Suggested Use:
In general, 20 drops in some water 3 times daily. In the case of an acute attack, 10 drops every 5-10 minutes.

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**The statements on this product are supported by traditional homeopathic principles. These "statements" have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. "X" is a homeopathic dilution.

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