Flower Essences have a long history spanning the globe. They have been used for health and healing for many years.

The Australian Bush Essences were found to be beneficial by the Aborigines. The essence, in the form of dew made potent by the sun, would be consumed along with the flower or plant.

Flower Essences have been used to resolve emotional imbalances for centuries by many different cultures. The Australian Essences have been used for psychological, physical, spiritual imbalances as well as emotional. These essences work deeply and quickly on the person who is focused on the remedy and the healing ability that it carries.

When an essence is taken orally or applied upon the skin, it is first absorbed into the bloodstream. It sets in between the circulatory and nervous systems where the polarity of the two systems creates an electromagnetic current.

The essence then affects the meridians which interface between the subtle bodies and the physical body. This process magnifies the life force of the essence and aids in its absorption, allowing the essence to reach the imbalanced parts in a more stable form quickly.

The remedies are best taken separately (or in combination if they are addressing the same theme). If two or more are combined and address different issues, they may work more slowly. A maximum of four simultaneously is suggested. To decide which is the most urgently needed remedy, you may want to consider the book featured below.

Australian Potentized Flower Essences are available in 30c or 200c potencies with Distilled Water and 20% Ethanol.